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Make no reservations. With the AudioTravel audio tour & city guide you are free to head right to the sights you’ve always wanted to see. Each downloaded audio guide comes with mp3 files, a city map and insider tips on where to get a bite to eat.
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How AudioTravel began...

Order plane tickets. Book hotel. Buy guide book. This was my standard preparation for traveling. Before heading off to Athens in 2004, I did just that. The only catch: the guidebook I ordered online didn't come.

Arriving in Athens, my husband and I filled the void with a tourist map labeled with all the city's sights. Looking up at the Acropolis without knowing the rich history behind it though, left me feeling like I was missing something.

So, when we decided to explore nearby Delphi, we booked a guided tour. "Hurry up." "Can you hear me in the back?" "You have a 10 minute break to use the washrooms." These comments from our guide got me thinking that there must be a better way to tour the city.

After the tour, we settled into a cafe near the Acropolis. Just a few sips of iced coffee and it hit me: an audio tour would be the perfect solution. With it, we could have complete flexibility. AudioTravel was born.

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